WI tutorial

Training Videos

=== Getting Started ===

Core Overview – Getting Familiar With The Plugin

Live Console – Your Webinar Command Central

Youtube Live: Setting Up A Live Webinar
Here we will be covering how you can connect Youtube Live with WebinarIgnition. (You can use any live streaming service that allows for an embed code (even Facebook Live; see below) – or a pre-recorded webinar video – or any video for that matter…)
Go to https://www.youtube.com/live_dashboard
In the “share” section of the bottom-right of this page is a link that says “View on watch page.” Click on this; this will take you to the Youtube Watch page.
On the watch page click on Share, then click on “Embed”. This will pop up a window with embed code. Copy all of this code.
Go to Webinarignition and navigate to the “Live Webinar” tab of the webinar in question.
Scroll to the section entitled “Webinar Live Embed Video Settings” and paste the code in there.

=== Core WI Training ===

Dashboard – Getting Familiar With The Core Dashboard

Design / Templates – Customizing The Style

Registration – Setting Up Your Landing Page

Facebook Connect – Setting Up The Facebook App With WI

AR Setup – Connecting Your Auto-Responder Service

Thank You Page – Editing The Confirmation Page

Live Webinar – Editing Your Live Webinar

Chat Integration – 3rd Party Live Chat Service

Auto Webinar – Setting Up An Evergreen Webinar

Auto Webinar Video Format – HTML5 Video Formats

Webinar Replay – Setting Up Your Replay

Email Settings – Setup The SMTP Services

TXT Reminder – Setting Up Twilio API

Extra Settings – Custom Meta, CSS, and Javascript

Creating Paid Webinars

=== Advanced Training ===

3rd Party Integration

1-Click Registration

Import / Export Campaigns from Different Domains